Original: Away

After a busy few months, I’ve finally gotten to the point where my calendar is looking pretty free and clear for a nice stretch. This means that I’m finally going to start working on an album under the moniker “Gnarsh.”

When I told my mom about this, she said two things: “I hope that it’s good” and “I hope the songs aren’t sad.” I can’t really do much about it being good, but I really do want a theme of fun and happiness on the album – that was my plan all along. So with “Away,” I am getting some sadness and melancholy out of my system. Continue reading Original: Away

Original: Spirits

Here is yet another instrumental called Spirits. The title doesn’t have much to do with anything, it’s just the first thing that came to my head. Well, not quite the first, but DEAL WITH IT! Spirits may become a backing track for a hip-hop artist I know (not a joke.) Stay tuned.

Spirits… I like typing that italicized… Spirits…

Original: Morning Light

I have over 100 unfinished or nearly finished original songs on my hard drive. Well… calling them songs might be a bit of a stretch. Let’s call them sketches. Some have lyrics. Some have a kind of hum-gibberish just to map out the melody. Some are ideas that made me get out of bed in the middle of the night. Some were recordings I made after coming home from a night out with friends.

Continue reading Original: Morning Light

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