Original: Morning Light

I have over 100 unfinished or nearly finished original songs on my hard drive. Well… calling them songs might be a bit of a stretch. Let’s call them sketches. Some have lyrics. Some have a kind of hum-gibberish just to map out the melody. Some are ideas that made me get out of bed in the middle of the night. Some were recordings I made after coming home from a night out with friends.

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Needed percussion. Gettin me some percussion.

It’s time for a gear post. Later tonight I’ll be showing off my full arsenal in my tiny apartment studio, which will include:

  •  Fender American Standard Telecaster – into a Fender Blues Jr. III.
  •  Fender American Standard Precision Bass – into an Ampeg BA-108
  •  Takamine Acoustic/Electric (I will be back with the model number)
  •  Deering Goodtime Banjo
  •  Yamaha Keyboard (on loan from a friend)
  •  Plus an assortment of pedals

Hey I’ve got, like a full band! Except percussion. Well I wasn’t planning on getting a drum set anytime soon and was just planning on relying on loops or friends to get that lovely “oontz ahhtch.” However, I stumbled upon the Electro Faustaus Drum Thing on Cheaper Pedals website, and decided to go for it. For $60 I’ll soon be adding all sorts of weird beats to my tracks.

Stay tuned.

ORIGINAL: “Oh Marie”

On Reddit, there is a VERY small subreddit called /r/songwritingprompts. The idea is that someone will post a prompt to write a song and users will write an original song based on that prompt.

Well, there aren’t many posts, but one prompt was as follows:

“A wife just killed her husband. Make me sympathize with both characters.”

So I wrote “Oh Marie.” You sympathize with the husband because of how brutally he is being killed, but he was an asshole who may have deserved it.

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